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Action Alert: Is There a Doctor in the House? We Need Your Help Today!

We have less than a month to show support from the medical community for a more protective ozone standard. Can you help recruit doctors, nurses, and others to sign our letter? Every child deserves the opportunity to play outside without the risk of breathing dangerous ozone pollution.


News: Electric Vehicles in Georgia are Under Attack

Encouraging the use of more electric vehicles is essential to reducing harmful transportation-related pollution. A new study in the American Thoracic Society Journals finds that long-term exposure to traffic emissions results in lung function decline. Join M&O and SACE to voice your support for EVs.


Blog: Atlanta Pediatrician Talks About the Importance of Clean Air for Her Patients

I am a pediatric resident who first got introduced to M&O through my advocacy rotation. I went into medicine to take care of all of the needs of every child – both inside and outside the office. Clean air is not just important for me; it is important for all of us.


News: ALA Releases Video on How Power Plant Pollution Harms Your Children

The new and engaging video connects the dots linking carbon pollution, climate change and human health, and further underscores the need to act to reduce the burden of asthma attacks, respiratory disease, and premature death.

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